Ajani update from Kelly

Hi everyone,

This is a quick update, particularly for those of you we don’t see so regularly!

The last email we sent out, about a month ago, said that I had so much fluid in my womb that the medical people thought I was likely to go into labour at any time – and was not going to make my due date. However, 4 weeks later we are all still going…

According to the last scan the fluid had not built up anymore and so – because the baby is larger – there is actually proportionally less fluid. I am feeling surprisingly comfortable and the midwives are amazed I have not gone into labour yet. They now think I could make my due date as it is only in a weeks time (officially 2nd April)!

We continue to ask God to heal our precious little Ajani even at this late time. The past few months have been so precious, where God has walked so closely with us, taught us so much and given us so much revelation. I feel I have learnt what it means to be able to approach the throne of God boldly and ask for him to rescue our little boy and share my heart’s desires with our Amazing God and Daddy.

We have learnt so much about faith and prayer and the reality of what these mean in our lives – and about how prayer isn’t a magic spell reliant on how much we can personally will something to happen, but simply about knowing who God is, what He is capable of and then asking Him with all our hearts.

We thank you all for your continued prayers, we have experienced how amazing it has been to part of the larger family of God all over the world as people from so many different countries, backgrounds, and fellowships, have stood with us through this, it has been so precious. We feel very peaceful as the end of the pregnancy is in sight with whatever that brings and feel confident that God is in control and very present through the whole time to come.

Please continue to pray whatever you feel you can, as a family we have benefited so much from your support. Our one particular request is that you pray that the one day we could avoid for the birth of Ajani is the 4th April (its our 9th wedding anniversary!)

Love and peace,

Kelly, Simon, Jyothi, Anya and Ajani.

PS: Ajani is our unborn little boy, we have been told he will not survive delivery, as he has anencephaly. If you dont know Ajani’s story – read it on the Undercurrent Comics blog


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