Johnny Vegas in the Guardian

I read the little Johnny Vegas feature in the Guardian, sad to see the same old story coming out about the perceived divisive nature of religious establishment.

“…”I lost it gradually,” he says of his own faith. “I mean, I’ve not lost it. It’s not God that I have any beef with, I think it’s sometimes how religion is administrated.” At the age of 11, Vegas went to St Joseph’s seminary in Upholland, but left after four terms. “I thought it was somewhere that I was going to develop my faith. And actually it felt like you’d joined this organisation that was about restricting the amount of questions you could ask. There wasn’t that kind of open forum about what is God, and what is faith. It was more about, ‘You’re not to question this, you’re just to follow these rules.'” …”

There’s always the question, I realise, over how much this is a perception, and how much a reality. After all, we’re always trying to find good excuses to avoid any kind of discipline arent we, well I am anyway. All the same, this is such a recurring theme, it simply goes to reinforce all my prejudices. Which is kind of ironic huh.

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