Singing the blues

Christians dont sing the blues enough.  There’s too much pretence at happiness, and excitement.  In itself this probably discourages more people than it encourages, because they think that if they arent having a good time, they are doing something wrong.

What a load of cobblers.

Here’s my blues song for the day:

Desert blues.

Why am I here in this desert place?

Why am I here in this barren space?

Because I walked the narrow path, and its not an easy way.


Why is there no fresh water surrounding me?

Why is there no fresh water, or shady tree?

Because the desert is a dry place, and the ground is hard.


If I was in a nice place, I would give thanks to God.

If I was in an easy place, I would be grateful to him.

But can I praise him in the desert? When the sun is beating down?


If I was in a pool of cool water, I could swim to him.

If I was in a meadow of flowers and grass, I could run to him.

But here in this desert, I will crawl to him.


Till my breath hits death I will keep going,

Till my heart fails to start, I will keep crawling.

Here in this hard place, I will keep on til I see his face.

The psalms are often blues numbers, although not written in a classic 12 – bar mode, which is what I favour, mainly because its such an easy way to write.

Its good to write and sing the blues sometimes.  It actually makes you feel better.

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