A glowing reference

Thursday morning is given over to prayer in World Horizons UK, and this morning we had a great combination of meditation, worship, and Horizons style ‘free form prayer’. Of course we also had the obligatory notices, just before the also obligatory coffee break, and one of those notices made me smile.

A couple of overseas workers, who have been ‘in mission’ for a number of years, working with some of the ‘big’ mission agencies, are considering a change of direction, which would bring them into harmony with us.

This is great news, they are brilliant people, and we’d be very keen to have them in our family, all the more so after we heard the glowing reference they put in a recent prayer letter.

“World Horizons is a low [financial] cost, no frills, fit for purpose mission.” Haha, made me smile.

We’re certainly no frills, and in comparison with others, I suppose we’re very low cost. Fit for purpose? Yes that too.

Nice to get a good reccomendation now and then.

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