Ajani due today

Well I can scarce beleive it, but Ajani’s due date has rolled around, despite dire mutterings from various people about the likelihood of an early delivery. So here we are, it’s the second of April, and Ajani is showing NO signs of wanting to come out, in fact he has been celebrating his (supposed to be) birthday by doing the most incredible non stop gymnastics, with scarcely a moment going by (honest) without him sticking out some kind of limb or two.

In fact Kel was so aware of the movements last night, they even invaded her dreams, apparently she dreamed she was giving birth to a superhero…. obviously. As an aside, I personally think this may have as much to do with the movements she was feeling, as it has to do with the incredible smallville marathon that she has sat through this last week.

At least she has used her maternity leave to some effect!!

So on a more serious note, we’re still waiting for labour pains to start happening, last midwife visit, they said he had flipped into a breach or transverse position again, but the amount of movements he’s been doing, he could be doing cartwheels for all we can tell.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts, I’ll let you know how things move along.


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