domino domination

domino.jpg            I spoke to my old friend Adam last night, it was one of those good phone calls, where even though we hadnt spoken for some time (years) we fell in very easily again.  Adam was my best man, and I was proud when he reminded me that I had introduced him to some of the science fiction writers, who have gone on to influence him.  (Proxy influence!)
Now Adam is a clever person, cleverer than me even (is that possible?) and the sort of guy who it will be useful to know come the inevitable(?) meltdown of our planet 😉

Why would he be useful?  Well, for a number of reasons, not least his ability to build a computer out of dominos…  Now that is clever!  I dont understand it of course, but that’s the point, if I understood it, I wouldnt need Adam around.

There’s something wonderfully artistic about this simple calculating machine, which makes me feel…. reassured.

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