“People are too busy shopping for new clothes to even put patches on their old ones…”

A good article in the guardian today, about people pledging to make their own clothes rather than buy them. HOORAY!!

There’s nothing surer to cut consumption than asking people put some effort into things.

So I reccomend this site to you, gentle reader. As yet I note that there are no obvious male sign ups on this pledge business, what an embarresment! If I can get my sewing machine working (or just work out how to thread it) I will sign up on the next round (unless I forget about it before then).

I dare say that this article will boost their popularity somewhat, but I will resist my urge to dislike things just because other people like them. (haha)

Again in the news today, more stuff about bio fuels and all that, as if consuming things other than oil will solve all our problems. The only solution is to cut down our consumption. Full stop.

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