Jack, the Gotans, or Rachid?

Lovely weather here in sunny south wales, just perfect for a Good friday stroll down to the sea and a quiet sip looking out over the sea.

And then a slow walk back home, where the sun is equally shiny, but then the rubber hits the road, what CD to play?

I like CD’s, I like records too, but my record player died.  On a sunny day like this, it has to be something a bit laid back, so a bit of Jack Johnson seems appropriate.  But then again, he’s a bit predictable isnt he?  Not him, just the thing of listening to him on a sunny day.

So perhaps a little something from the Gotan project?  Ooooh, yeah.


But then again, a drop of Marvin wouldnt go amiss, and I am enjoying Michael Franti at the moment…  Oh, and Rivertribe.
I think that music is so important.  It is wonderfully life affirming, and that is perhaps why I love hearing tunes from around the world (I dont even have a beard, but I often wear sandals), any way, I enjoyed Sahel Steve’s little recording of an anarchic worship song from Burkina, and I also liked the pounding song he uploaded.

I’ve been boring my friend Brandon recently with endless tales of music from other cultures, trying to make out like I’m some kind of ethnomusicologist, which I sure arent.

Reality is though, we’ve a great luxury here, to be able to enrich ourselves with music of all kinds of styles, and from all different places.  It’s sad when we restrict ourselves to a genre or a handful of artists.  People in other places dont have that same luxury.

It’s sadder still when we fall into the Christian ghetto, only listening to music that reflects a limited worldview, forgetting that we see but through a glass darkly.

So perhaps I’ll put away Jack, and forget the Gotans for now, Kimmo Pohjonen‘s Kluster is worth a revisit, and I really must get on ebay and get hold of some Rachid Taha (he’s playing in London tonight, wish I could go).

Then again, Johnny Cash is always worth a listen….

2 thoughts on “Jack, the Gotans, or Rachid?

  1. well obviously the clash provide an almost constant ongoing soundtrack to my life, current favourite: Sandanista. However, there are some cuts on the Super Black Market Clash album which I just love. Robber dub anyone?

    Those Cubans get on my wick a little bit.

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