That’s torn it

I went to see the Llanelli Scarlets play Borders last night, its great having top class rugby a short walk from the house!  Sadly (for me) the Scarlets gave the Borders a good thrashing, despite the hefty presence of Gavin Kerr (Berwick boy!!!) at number 1, and the very able Chris Cussiter doing the do, Borders just couldnt stand up to the strong attack, and found it difficult to penetrate the tight Llanelli defence!

I was hoping that I would be able to make some kind of point about how the way the team performed shows that the Borders shouldnt be scrapped in favour of funds going to Glasgow warriors, but sad to say I can see the point.

The fact that the Scarlets have got the cash to have so many heavyweight internationals in the team, and so comprehensively crush Borders – who aquitted themselves well despite the scoreline, goes to show that funding is really key in these matters.

I managed to snatch a picture paparazzi style of one of the scarlets tries, (there were quite a few 😦  ) which I’ll post later.

I think I was the only person there shouting for Borders, which was a slight embarresment for my friends, who were all supporting Scarlets.  I did get a few odd looks, but I’m used to that!

Looking forward to Scotland playing the All Blacks in September anyone?  Another one bites the dust!

And if you really want to know the final score, go look somewhere else, I heard it enough last night.


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