Vegetarianism II the (evil) empire strikes back

Steve at Emergent Kiwi is getting a good debate about being a vegetarian and a Christian.

Being the kind of person who cant help butting in, I wanted to back Steve up after some dim comments, here is my own (probably equally dim) addition to the debate, which I earlier commented on here.

“…You know Steve, I think you’ve done a great job here.  The point is that we cant simply live by using the Bible as a hand book for every decision of our life, there is nothing in the bible that says whether paper that has been recycled and thus bleached, or paper from sustainably sources, or not using paper at all, is a better choice.

We interpret these things in the context of our own limited understandings and attempt to apply the principles that Jesus left us with, to each decision.

Namely, our lives need to be motivated by love, love and respect.  If the evidence tells us that it is better for others that we dont eat meat, just like it tells us that it is better for others that we dont run them over with cars, or shoot them, then lets not do it.

To use the argument about the weaker brother is just dim, we’re not talking about leading others into sin here, we’re talking about doing what is right for our world.

To say that God gave us dominion over all things, and so lets eat ’em is also dim.  God gave us dominion over all the trees.  Let’s burn ’em.

Everything has to be judged in the light of its particular circumstances, so when its necessary to eat meat, I eat it.  Even though I dont like it, and dont want it.  In all things we should be motivated out of love, like it says in the Bible.

But if we are to simply try and apply all the Bible says without contextual analysis… well anyone who marries a foreigner is in trouble for a start….”

So there.


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