beach error

establishing shot, a sunny day on the beach.

enter two protagnists.

Protagonist one – adult male, 29 years old, degree level education. “Daddy”.
Protagonist two – his daughter, 3 years old, no particular level of education. “Girl”.

Scene update: the sea is a little way out, the sand is soft and warm, the sun is shining, a summer beach scene in early spring.

Daddy: “Lets go to the sea and have a paddle!”

Girl: “Yay!!”

The two head, hand in hand, towards the gently lapping surf.

Girl sees worm casts on the sand.

Girl: “Daddy, what are those wormy things?”

Daddy: “They are called flesh eating foot biter worms.”

Girl: “….. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Fade to black as girl cries unconsolably and refuses to let her feet touch the sand ever again.

Me and my big gob.


2 thoughts on “beach error

  1. Whoops. Never mind, perhaps with a few years of therapy she’ll get over her fear of sand.

    I do find it interesting that it’s almost instinctive when presented with an innocent mind to stretch its credibility. I wonder if this is a way of preparing someone for the adult world, to teach them that they can’t just take everything someone says at face value, even those they trust.

  2. Those who know me tend to take nothing I say at face value, at least not if the day has an ‘a’ in it. My children are gradually learning.

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