I wanna be a tree

Actually these days, who would.

I read this morning that European and American companies have swindled some more poor forest dwellers out of their birthright, with the old classic ‘bags of sugar’ trick. Makes you proud to be a ‘westerner’. (Misnomer alert).

I dare say that the loggers will either get, or falsify fsc accreditation for their products, which will mean we can all get hold of it, and indulge ourselves in another orgy of patio furniture and so on.

I’ve also been reminded about the sudden realisation that the whole thing of planting trees everywhere to ‘offset’ our carbon emmissions, has been a swindle. What nobody pointed out was that it only works if you plant your trees on the equator, and who would want to do that? It’s all hot and stinky around there, arent there just a lot of poor people living there? They’re only going to chop them down again. Lets plant a woodland in Godalming instead, where we can go for walks, and emply someone to sweep up the leaves.

Good heavens, is it me?
An intelligent commenter on Steve Taylor’s site, made a fine point about syncretism.

He said: “I’m aware of the dangers of syncretism – adopting ‘foreign’ philosophies, ideas, values and trying to make them ‘Christian’. For example : how Christians in the west or the first world have adopted democracy, consumerism, materialism, separatism, abuse of the environment etc. and basically made them ‘Christian’ Ideals, signs of Gods blessing…”

We tend (I think) to consider syncretism as the danger of other cultures bringing into westernised Christianity their heathen practises. – Like the Devil’s own work, a cross between voodoo and Catholicism!!! But how often do we consider our own lack of respect for creation a syncretised response?

Exits stage left, arse firmly in hand.


2 thoughts on “I wanna be a tree

  1. Just saw the no impact man on the Colbert Report. Interesting stuff, although I thought he struggled when Colbert said “So you’re saving all these paper products, and then you’re going to write a book about your experience?”.

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