cryptic crosswords

are good for your brain.


Cant say they do much for mine, except get it tied in knots.

I like cryptic crosswords, but the reality is that I like the idea of them, more than the doing of them.  Mainly because, like so many other things, I’m not very good at them.

But one thing is for sure, you can spend a lot of time on a cryptic crossword – and so on that basis, I’ve been thinking of a few people to give a good book of them to, and currently I think that a large batch should be shared out among the Russians, who all seem to be niggling at each other.

There’s Berezovsky saying Putin must be brought down by force… there’s the chess guy who is about to take to the streets, there’s Vlad busy scheming in the Kremlin… trouble is I suppose if they had cryptic crosswords Vlad and Gary (good russian name there) would finish them pretty quickly and start fighting again.  Not sure about Boris…

Imagine what would happen if old Bush baby had to do one a day.  That would be a case of ‘crypticification’.  Bushism for the day: “After all, Europe is America’s closest ally.”



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