why pay more?

on the way to the beach today, I had the misfortune to visit a certain supermarket… y’know it’s name is four letters long, and its full of mum’s slapping their own bottoms with delighted grins on their faces.

Anyway, as I sidestepped the clothing section I was visually assaulted by a gang of signs demanding: “why pay more?”

And as I stared them in their yellow eyes, I felt a rant coming on….

Why pay more?

I’ll tell you why.

Because cheap is not always best.

Because less is not always more.

Because you have taken a short cut past quality.

And a swerve around ethical trade.

Because buying a tee shirt for three quid wont make me value it.

And buying a pair of trousers for a fiver wont make me think about what I’m buying.

Or who made them.

Or how much they were paid for them.

Or what kind of toxic processes were involved in their manufacture.

Or how much debt the factory workers are in, because of the pittance they are paid.

Or how many suicides there have been in the cotton farming community that grew your low grade stuff.

Because you have bulk bought, and helped to wipe out small businesses.

Because you have competed so fiercely that you have wiped out the little guys.

Because through what you do and who you are, you promote nothing less than greed.

Because you have used millions of barrels of fossil fuel to supply your distribution network.

And you’ve been caught out treating your workers badly.

Because we think that higher quality and ethically sourced products are worth more.
Dont give me your signature on the ethical trading initiative. I’m not interested.

Dont give me your crap about quality. It isnt true.

I prefer to pay more, and when I cant afford to pay more, which is most of the time, I prefer not to buy anything at all!


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