Katherine Hamnett

fair play to her, she’s being doing the do for a good old amount of time.

Interesting reading about her this morning, I would love to meet her, sounds more and more like an interesting and principled woman.

Her response to the classic question of can you be ethical and still be in fashion is interesting too, and I would have liked to see it taken further:

“But isn’t there something intrinsically oxymoronic about the idea of ethical fashion? Surely the whole point of fashion is that it is wasteful? We buy clothes we don’t need and then throw them away because fashion persuades us they are passé. ‘Well we need clothing – we can’t go around naked.’ But in truth Hamnett is not a great defender of the fashion industry and says she has no friends within it. ‘It’s full of personality disorders, airheads, dickheads. I worked in Italy for about 30 years and never met anybody who’d read a book. And the fur thing – that was disgusting. People like Naomi Campbell saying they’d never wear fur and they get offered £2,000 to walk down the catwalk and it all goes out of the window.’ ”

Guardian does it again.


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