two weeks overdue – the final countdown begins.

Ajani is two weeks overdue today.

On thursday, if he hasnt made an appearance, we will go to the hospital to have him induced.

For anyone who doesnt know about Ajani, he is my son, currently unborn.  He has been diagnosed with anencephalie, which in his case means that he has no skull covering his brain.  This is a condition deemed ‘incompatible with life outside the womb’.

As long as we’ve known him, we’ve loved him.

Our love has always been tinged with sadness, fearing that the day would come when we’d have to say goodbye to him.  Praying constantly that God would work a miracle and heal him.

Now we are counting down, with heavy hearts, to thursday.  The day the doctors say it is likely our boy will die.

We dont know what God will do.  We trust him, and we know that Ajani is safe with him.  But we want to know our little boy.  We dont want to say goodbye to him.

If you are inclined to pray, then please pray for Ajani.  If you believe in a God who heals, then please pray that God would heal Ajani.

We really didnt want to get to this point, waiting to be induced.  The doctors said we wouldnt get here, they said he would arrive ealry.  He didnt.  They are amazed.

We want them to be more amazed.

Ajani means: “He who wins the struggle”. Read more about our little Ajani here, and see a video of him wriggling here.


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