TWR – Gunz down

I had an interview just now with a girl at Trans World Radio  largely  about our involvement in the Gunz Down campaign.

I was expecting their slant to be about the Virginia Tech shootings, but it was a much more general interview, looking at the issue of gun and knife crime which is on the increase as ever.

I managed to use the cliche ‘the right to bear arms is slightly less sensible than the right to arm bears’.

They will probably edit it out, along with the various bits I messed up, but it will be interesting to see what they do with it.  I’ll let you know.

On another note, the gunz down campaign is one of the things I’m particularly pleased that Undercurrent comics got involved with.  We (mainly Steve) spent a huge amount of time on it, for no financial gain.  Obviously it was great having the video showing on MTV etc, but it didnt do us a lot of good in terms of sales.

But the campaign has certainly acheived a lot of good outside of us!  I have stories of young people whose lives have been changed, and probably saved by the timely intervention of the Gunz down roadshow.  Its great to be part of something like that.

For your immense viewing pleasure, here’s the video.  Brakaka!


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