oh the contrast

Two contrasting tales can be found in the Guardian today, the first, the Harrods allotments, for which the well heeled can pay £1000.00 to have jeeves plant some parsnips.  Just filthy is what I call it.

The whole thing of Harrods is abhorrent to me anyhow, but this latest wheeze just makes me feel a bit ill. The whole thing just reeks of greed and wastefulness, all the more disgusting when we know how little many live on in this world.
And then another tale, about Lush cosmetics giving cash to a bunch of anti road campaign groups.  Now for sure, this is an attempt to ‘raise their profile’, but all the same, money talks.   And I know Lush aint exactly feeding the masses with their expensive soaps, but I dont expect them to. There’s plenty of other ethical brands out there selling stuff that is good, at high prices,  fair enough I say.  These things are expensive.  Hence the reason I dont buy ’em!

But here’s the rub, they put their money where their mouth is, and that is real.  Nobody can take that away.

And of course, what brought it to my attention, was that interestingly enough its the same sum £1000.00 – each of the campaign groups were handed a grand, meanwhile Horrids were charging a grand for a bespoke allotment.

Oh sweet heaven, I’ve got the taste of bile in my throat once more.  Now where’s that sick bag.


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