The right to bear arms

Following the terrible shootings in Virginia Kester blogged about non violence.  I always appreciate what Kester writes.

I have made the following contribution to his discussion – with specific regard to the question of the American right to bear arms.  As you know, I believe it is less sensible than the right to arm bears.

My view is that the amendment was made to constitution, on the basis of fear.  And it is fear which forms the basis for kids carrying guns, knives, other weapons.  The second amendment could perhaps be described as a kind of institutionalised fear.

Anyway, here’s my post.  Your comments are welcome.

“The second amendment was instituted because of fear.

Fear that somehow the people would become enslaved or powerless without weapons.

Fear that government would be able to control them if they werent armed.

Fear that they might be invaded or the people’s governement usurped.

It is unlikely that this ‘right’ will ever be taken away from the American people, because, sadly, the country that proudly professes Christ doesnt walk the talk in this instance at least.

Fear has no place in the kingdom of God.

Until love and trust usurp fear, particularly of the ‘outsider’, (who should be ‘the neighbour’) there will always be problems of this sort.

Already the demonisation of this ‘outsider’, his mental health problems, his obsessive behaviour, all the other factors that led him to this dreadful act, has begun.

Doubtless this will strengthen in the minds of many the need to be able to protect themselves from such danger strangers.

But the reality is, his fear, fear of not being like everyone else, not succeeding, not getting the girl, not being respected, fed on other fears.  Fear does that.

Its not a simple question, what is?  But to my mind fear is such an important factor in this equasion that it cant be ignored.  It must instead be dealt with. And continuing to demand the right to bear arms is not dealing with it. “


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