Ajani details

I’m sorry but my email was down for a few days at the start of the week, as a result some of you may have asked for details of the practical arrangements surrounding Ajani’s death, and I wont know.

So I’m posting them here, you can email me for further details if you wish.

Tues 1st May – Ajani will be cremated.  This is going to be a small, low key affair.

Saturday 6th May – We will be celebrating Ajani’s life (that he had here, and the one which he has now) with friends in Grimsby.  This will be a kind of open party, where there will be opportunity to reflect on Ajani, all that he has meant to us, and continues to mean, and to talk to each other and God, to express how we feel.

Friday 11th May – We will be holding a similar event to the above in South Wales.  Again, a time to talk, share, pray and hopefully be happy together around some food and drink.

One of the most precious things about this situation has been the way we’ve all gone through this as a family (friends around the world), and we want to acknowledge that by getting together as a big family.  We so much appreciate the love we’ve been shown.

After all that stuff, we will then be having a break for a few days.

Drop me a line if you want to have further details of times and places etc.  You’d be welcome to anything.

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