Bonny, bonny lad.

This is a short piece I have written to grace the order of service for the cremation tommorrow.  I think it sums up a lot of what I feel about Ajani.

Oh bonny, bonny lad.

How I wish I could have known you more.

How I wish I could have held you more,

Loved you more.

Made you laugh, and dried your tears,

Seen you grow and change over the years.

But you are gone, gone from here.

How I weep, how I mourn for you my precious child.

Your skin so cold, your limbs so still.

Oh I ache with the pain. My tears flow like rivers.

My bonny little boy, you’re gone from me.

But is that it?  Is that the end?

Is this pain, this dull ache, all there is now?


You have life still, though not in your body.

Not with breath, not with blood.

Life eternal, life supreme.

Somewhere beyond the bird song,

Beyond the horizon, beyond the material, beyond the natural,

Beyond pain, sickness, suffering, and beyond death.

You stand, feet apart, sword in hand.

My warrior baby. My bonny boy.

You fought.  You won. You were great fun.

We miss you so.


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