tune your world

a very good place to visit today is Calabash Music’s Tune Your World site.

Not only do you get some excellent free downloads, and lots of interesting news about world music, including two k’naan tracks for free and nothing… (hip hip hoorah) but they also have a good idea! Well thats a start aint it.
The tune your world thing is quite intriguing, I’ve pasted below their description of the concept.

” Do you believe we can change in the world through music?

At Calabash Music we’ve just launched a new campaign that we’re calling‘Tune Your World’ as a creative approach to economic development in Africa.

In the United States our foreign-aid programs do not support our belief that we are a nation known for its good works around the world. The public believes we spend a great deal more money helping other countries than we actually do. Polls suggest that most Americans think the federal government spends about 10 to 15 percent of its budget on foreign aid.

The truth is that we spend less than 1 percent, the lowest of any industrialized nation.

All of sub-Saharan Africa receives just over $1 billion in economic aid. If everyone in the United States gave up one movie a year we could double our current aid to Africa.

We have an even better idea. Tune Your World.

If every American would buy 10 downloads by African Artists — We would DOUBLE the amount of money the US is currently sending to Africa. This is what we mean by ‘Tune Your World’

Where does the money go?
At least 50% (in some cases 100%) of your purchase will go to African Artists, or an African relief NGO and stay in Africa. With this money, musicians will be able to buy new instruments, recording or performing equipment, complete their education, or put a new roof on their house.

Together we can create a thriving music economy in places where the music industry has never worked very well.

How can you make this change happen?

1. Buy 10 songs by African Artists.

2. Forward this URL www.tuneyourworld.com to your friends and family.

It’s that simple.”

So this has put me in mind of a little project which I might undertake, to link you… gentle reader… to some of the sites which host some excellent music by Christians of other cultures. I understand that the excellent George Luke does a radio show called World Beat on UCB which covers this sort of thing, and that will doubtless be worth a listen – its on at a difficult time of the week for me to listen to sadly.

More on this later!

2 thoughts on “tune your world

  1. Hi Simon,

    I came across your blog when I did a Google search of “World Beta” to see what sort of web coverage my UCB show was getting. Thanks for your kind comments!

    As you’ve probably discovered, the show isn’t on the air anymore. UCB ‘rested’ it early last year. But I’m working on having it syndicated. In the meantime, I have started a series of podcasts which can by found on the UKGospel.com website. They cover the same sort of ‘Christioan World Music’ territory the World Beat show used to cover. Here’s the weblink: http://ukgospel.com/#/globalwarming/4532972783

    1. Hi George, thanks! I look forward to checking them out! BTW – we’ve met, a long time ago (12 years?), in Sheffield Arena, we sat next to each other and watched Hydro and various other bands go through their paces… ah heady days 😉

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