a discussion with a friend today got me thinking on the subject of fundamentals.

in a post modern culture, the issue of absolutes is a difficult one, and many of us who are on a journey of re-examination of our beliefs, encounter genuine struggles with what the fundamentals, or essentials, or absolutes are.

For instance – ‘there is only one God’ – is something that we will probably all agree on, but I know people will want to qualify or unwrap statements like ‘the only way to God is through Jesus’.

so I’m going to write to a few people, and see if we can aggregate a number of absolutes – for those of us who might be described as post evangelical, and perhaps use a different language set to others in the Christian family.

I’m never going to manage to get round to writing to everyone who would have something interesting to say on this, so PLEASE think about yourself, and mail me or post a comment, kindly restrict your fundamentals to about three or four if you can.  You can always add more later if others dont.

I’ll update this blog with  news as this (hopefully) progresses.


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