soap nuts versus eco balls


kind of like the ewoks versus the death star…

I once wrote an email to Howies, to tell them about a possible problem with one of their garments.  I had got a really nice hooded top from them, with an embroidered logo on the front.  These were the days before I knew about soap nuts.

The problem, I explained,  was that the clothing really should have said ‘not suitable for washing with eco balls’.  Eco concious clothes washers such as we, were using eco balls to wash all their clothing and etc.  The eco balls work on an ionisation principle, with funny little balls inside them that turn into ions… sorry, still dont understand that stuff.  All I can think of is iron like a lion in zion.

Anyway, eco balls were good I thought, but the trouble was, they were bashing, or rather rubbing all the embroidery off my favourite (and nicest) organic hoodie.

In a conversation via email with Ade at Howies, (who seems extremely nice) I came to start describing them as a kind of laundry death star, which they do sort of resemble. He quipped back that they are a bit like the death star, except they fight on the side of good rather than evil!

I still think it would be a good idea for people like howies to warn eco ball users not to use them with delicate items, but I suppose that like me, people tend to learn the hard way instead.

So that I would say, is another reason to use soap nuts… “soap nuts, they dont destroy your clothes.” Darn, wish I had those sort of marketing ideas every day…

For towels, and other items which can take a bit of a bashing, I can reccomend eco balls, good and very cheap too.

3 thoughts on “soap nuts versus eco balls

  1. I have suffered from skin irritations and mild psoriasis for some time and tried Maggie’s Soap Nuts. Wow what a difference it has made. Not only are my clothes clean and soft, but my sensitive skin is now clear and no longer irritated. I can’t believe I did not know about this sooner, thank you for making available such a multi-purpose product!

    1. HI Christopher, in fact we tried the inside out thing, but found that the eco balls would wear away at the backing of the embroidery – undermining the whole thing from within… darn it… (not literally, unless you’re really good at darning) – actually these days we’re using soap flakes a bit too, which make little impact but are pretty good for getting things clean, and when we’re out of soap flakes, nuts and eco balls, washing up liquid does the trick too.

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