Count your blessings, one man said,

Lord, bless me, said another.

achoo, bless you

ahhhh, bless him.

I want to be blessed, to have the best,

and I want the rest to have the best… too.

I want to know no difficulty, no hardship, no troubles,

I want to walk a path that needs no hand rail, no white line, no skipping heart beat.

I dont want to have to rely, to rely on the unreliable,

on a God who sometimes stays silent when I want him to speak,

on a friend who is strangely absent, when I’m feeling weak,

on myself,

on another,

on a brother, or sister,

who might let me down.  Again.

So God please bless, me, protect, me, surround, me, defend, me.

Dont let the stone get in my shoe.

Dont make me decide what to do.

Please…. dont make me feel what it is like to be you.

3 thoughts on “blessings

  1. That’s really good.

    I guess, apart from the ending, it’s very similar to what Jesus was praying in Gethsemane.

    Still, there’s only so much rationality one has when the skies are like brass.

  2. thanks mate, yeah I have noticed a definite lack of irony in the stuff that Jesus said, its almost as if he wasnt British at all!

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