God man, and acts of the Spirit

man this sounds like a spiritual post, should guarantee me lots of hits… but its just about comics.

Just about comics!!!?

What, you might cry, could be more important?

Well anyway, on with the post… I noticed that wee beautiful pict posted about Godman, which reminded me that Ross, who writes and draws Godman sent a mail out recently plugging it, and I forgot.

So then I had a crisis, should I mention it, so late in the day?

What the heck… WBP is absolutely right, Godman is very funny indeed. Check it out now, all in stunning black and white! I like everything about it, particularly the questions for discussion at the end… “is Judges 3:31 funny ha ha, or funny strage?”

If you want to know a bit more about Ross, and his pedigree, then read this interview I did with him last year.

And while we’re on the whole God comic thang, I hear that Acts Of The Spirit won the silver medal at this years IPPY Award presentation, for the category of dramatic graphic novel, well deserved too. Very different stuff to Godman, but very well done indeed, hats off to Bob Luedke, who I believe to have great artistic ability and gifting, and to be a man of great integrity. I interviewed Bob last year too, read that here.

Long may your comics win awards Bob. Long may you make us chuckle Ross.


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