wildlife friendly – a vital aspect of ethical consumption

An article in the Guardian this morning reminds us how vital it is to consider how our consumption affects wildlife.

The recent question over whether food that is flown long distances can really be classed as Organic is long overdue, and points to the fact that there is no ‘quickie’ ethical label for consumer goods.

Our primary focus has to be lessening consumption, but even the most hardened eco warrior needs new stuff sometimes, and somewhere along the line something needs to be grown or made.

So that is why we must keep in mind the various aspects of ethical consumption – and these must necessarily include impact on wildlife.  As we erode bio diversity, we do irreperable damage to our world, and get closer to destroying ourselves and all other life on earth.

PLEASE think about wildlife next time you are shopping, and if you are in doubt about the impact of your purchases, consult an expert, they arent difficult to find.

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