a cold front

So Russia is getting somewhat belligerant, and threatening to point their nasty missiles at us, if the US start sprouting missile banks here and there.

I’ve blogged before that I dont mind cold wars, and prefer them immeasurably to hot ones.

And I’m feeling like I dont really blame Putin for thinking his lot might be a target. After all, they tend to have a different opinion to us on various matters, and these things are important…

What really needs to happen is the Nuclear disarmament that has been oft talked about, seldom acted upon. Well there’s a thing.
You know what, its kind of spooky but I feel like I can almost hear someone saying…

“We want you to disarm, and by the way we’re just upgrading ours,

Cos you’re bad and we’re good.

And we dont make mistakes, like invading people,

They are more like ‘tactical errors’.

And we wont shoot you with our horrid bombs. Honest.

Now put yours in the bin, or we’ll consign you to the axis of… EVIL!

Cos the thing is you see, you are whats known as volatile.

Which means you might harbour terrorists on your soil,

invade other people,

do nasty things like kill people you dont like,

supress freedoms,

disagree with us…

stuff like that.

No seriously. Put them in the bin.

No seriously!

Or else we’ll blow you up.”


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