more about celebration for the nations

its monday – I’ve been back at work today!

and to round the day off, a cftn meeting which tonight was in a nice old church – funny there’s loads of cool old churches round here, but I’ve hardly been inside any of them.

anyhow, I found this evening’s meeting encouraging.

a lot of people talk about revival, and in general I tend to be a little shy of joining in, cos I find that often there is a measure of self indulgence in it all.  Tonight though I was reminded of how the Welsh revival brought great good to many nations around the world, bringing peace, and justice to hundreds of thousands of people.

then war broke out, in Europe we all started killing each other, and many of the young men saved in the 1904 revival never returned from the trenches.

in Korea, where revival had hit in 1907, the Japanese invasion had more new believers killing each other.

this celebration comes from a pure desire to see God remove the blockages which saw the dying off of the movement of his spirit 100 years ago.

I’m pleased to be part of it, as I believe the intent to be pure, and the plan to be simple.

so if you want to sing to God, and to join with others from all around the world doing so in Llanelli’s wonderful surroundings, then check out the site.

there was a good video shown tonight which explains the vision very clearly, I’ll see if we can youtube it, and then you can see it too!

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