can a yoghurt save the planet?

Just seen the guardian article about the craziness of ethical materialism.

 “The environmental movement has often been compared to a religion – the kind of religion that sets great store by self-denial, purity, and a personal route to salvation. Increasingly, however, it is hard to think of a religion that spends this much time shopping. Go to almost any green website – campaigning, as well as commercial – and you discover that the journey to perfect sustainability can be a distinctly materialistic and costly one, requiring not only the replacement of unsatisfactory cars, boilers and windows and the acquisition of a worm farm, allotment and wind turbine, but the discovery of an entirely new consumer identity, whereby the born-again green learns to spend more money, but with a clear conscience.”

I have to say that I agree with some of the sentiments expressed, the only real ethical way to consume is to cut consumption down.  Stop buying stuff.

Slightly dissapointingly the article sites the same old cliched companies… what a surprise…

And it points out that the afore mentioned yoghurt that is setting out to save the world, is part owned by Danone… doh.

Proves my earlier point about selling out to the man.

Of course I’m just proving my own hypocrisy by having links to stuff you can buy from my blog…

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