back once again with the renegade master

look out, I have turned 30… a good crop they turned out in ’77.


you’ll notice the party hat is set at a jaunty angle, denoting my excitment at this milestone!

been a busy week, sorry no posts… what with getting old, a new person on my team at work (hooray for Melissa and her graphic designing ways), setting up new websites for things, more birthday celebrations, and a trip ‘oop north’ (what I would call the midlands, but its north of us) for visits and a trip to the dentist (its all glamour) … there’s scarcely time for anything else except the occasional meal.

Anyway, meeting Steve later on, to discuss comic books and a few other things, we’ve just done an entry for a competition organised by Nate Butler of COMIX35, lets hope we win.  Actually, on another note, I was really touched by Nate’s support, and that of many others whom I have never met, during the situation with Ajani.  So even if we dont win… he’s still a good guy.

Actually I had a dream the other night, that somebody wrote a sequel to SAM119, which probably means I better get on with it myself, before someone does. But I’m also planning our imminent trip to Asia, as well as all the other things that we got going on… gosh I’m so hard done by.

The other thing of course is that my new computer has arrived, which took a few days to sort out, migrate email, remember passwords, change settings, load software and etc.

Aint got nothing to stop me now though! Just got to catch up with what everyone else has been posting, back with you again at the start of the week!


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