allelon netcasts

a good interview with Jonny Baker is available on the Allelon site, Jonny is interviewed by Alan Roxburgh, who is an intelligent and insightful interviewer – although looking at him on his site, he does look a bit like Hannibal out of the A team!

Again this is a good listen, as was the earlier interview with Andrew Jones, which proved to be very illuminating too.

I do like the description of Jonny as a ‘younger leader’, very tactful… younger than who would be my question…


I must say though – Jonny may not be ALL that young, but he’s certainly a great thinker, a great do-er, and a great writer, great leader, I reckon he’s probably a great guy altogether… typical!


2 thoughts on “allelon netcasts

  1. Well, Hannibal…er, Alan is about twenty years older than Jonny – who does look much younger than his four decades. I’m convinced that somewhere there’s a picture of Jonny aging – whilst he retains the looks of his youth.

    But, then again, I’m a decade older than Jonny…and look my age, unfortunately.

  2. So perhaps if Jonny is ‘Face’ to Alan’s Hannibal, perhaps we could have some suggestions for a Murdoch, and best of all… BA? (I aint gettin’ on no airplane!)

    Anyone else think Andrew Jones might do for Murdoch? …just me then 😉

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