slug traps

the rain we’ve had here has made may slug trapping slightly harder, but downpours not withstanding, I’ve rid the garden of dozens of slugs over the last week or so.

I’ve currently got two slug traps installed, one is a marmite jar, the other some other small jar, and both are nearly full of beer (now very watery).

Unless you are a person who refuses to harm any creature, then I think this is a very good way of getting rid of slugs.  They are attracted by the smell, slide in, drink themselves silly, and die.  Result!  Last year I killed loads of them, this year is looking like a slower start, but perhaps I over culled them in 2006.  Whatever, there’s still plenty knocking around, they even slide into my kitchen some nights… uuuuurgh.

I will supply pictures of said traps when weather is clement and slugs aplenty are therein.

Please don’t put nasty pellets down on your garden!  Just a few beer traps would be so much nicer!


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