This means war! Our boys take it to the slugs.

(post number 3 in the ‘War on slugs series’)

In a series of daring raids, our troops have taken the battle back to the slugs – capturing them in their hideouts, and showing them who is boss!


Our brave boys… and girls… take the fight to the slugs.

“Now the war has really stepped up a gear” commented one official, who explained he doesnt like “the way slugs are all slimy and stuff.”

With precise timing, a series of attacks were launched on known slug hide outs, which included paving slabs, and an area of rockery.  During the rockery raid, one slug was discovered hiding only feet away from the runner bean plant which suffered a devastating attack only days ago.

“To find the slug hiding in the very area in which we lost so many young leaves…” said one onlooker, “is chilling.  I can only thank heaven that we got to him, before he got to the pumpkin plant.”


Hiding in the rockery… the slugs are everywhere.

A full scale seek and destroy mission is still underway for the slugs spiritual leader, Oslima Bin Sluggin, who is believed to be in hiding in the wall between the garden, and Harold-next-door’s garden.

“The problem is that there are so many caves, a real network of hideouts” admitted a spokesman.  “But we are in this for the long haul, he wont beat us.”


A cave system in the wall adjoining Harold-next-door’s garden.

In addition to the attack missions, a  renewed defence system has hurriedly been put into place, three new beer traps have been put into effect, and it is hoped that these will help cut down the number of slugs who can roam freely in the garden.


Commisioned: three new beer traps.

One thing is for certain, the longer this goes on, the more difficult the diplomatic situationwith Harold-next-door, who now claims that extremist slugs are holding training camps in the compost bin.


Now Harold-next-door claims the slugs are in the compost bin!

More to follow.


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