could zac be the tories secret weapon?

I hear that the wonder boy of British millionaire environmentalists, Zac Goldsmith, is standing for election as a conservative.

Well well well.

I cant help thinking that if ever someone is going to make the conservatives electable, it isnt David Cameron, who is after all like ‘Blair Lite’, and unlikely to cut the mustard against Gordon, who has the air of credibility and trustworthiness that an electrate likes in a leader.  No indeed – I think its Goldsmith.

To me Zac Goldsmith is what a Tory should be: terribly rich for a start, looks a bit louche for seconds, irrepresibly charming, and horribly talented.

Add to that the ‘getting expelled from Eton’, successful publishing career, and other such stuff, and we can see that people are going to like him.

And as we face the reality of a no oil economy over the next ten years, Goldsmith will be there with all the answers, and whether we like it or not, he’s been saying the same thing for a long time!  Plus he hates the supermarkets, which the middle class all do too, (except we still go there… help us Zac… we cant stop ourselves!)

As a socialist by inclination, and an abstainer by practise, I cant see myself ever voting Zac into power, but I can see others doing it.  He has the charm, the wit, the intelligence and the looks to take him to the very top, but he does lack one thing…

The ability to hold back.

He strikes me as a guy who isnt going to find it easy to go along with things he doesnt like, and that will be difficult in politics.  Blair has managed it, although he has been notable by his abscence in certain votes.  Goldsmith?  He’s so outspoken, so bold, that I dont know if could carry it off.  The public will doubtless love him for it, but what about the party?

Still, he’s certainly a man to watch,  if he wins the seat of Richmond off the Lib Dems at the next election, then look out, he’ll be in the running for sure!


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