freaks and weather

The indomitable Kester has made an informed response to the comments made by a certain clergyman about the recent flooding, in which people died, being a judgement on gay people (to paraphrase).

The thing is, obviously that is completely bonkers, and no wonder people are put off the idea of Christianity when you’ve got people saying looney stuff like that.  But there’s another point to question here too.

Kester says this:

“…The Bishop of Carlisle, Graham Dow, commented on Sunday that the floods were “a direct consequence of mankind’s lack of respect for each other, for the planet and for God.”

“This much I would actually agree with. Proper respect for one another and the environment would have meant our weather patterns were not altered and these freak weather events would not be happening with such frequency or ferocity.”

But I would ask – actually are these freak weather conditions really a result of man made global warming?  I agree that global warming is taking place, I even agree that we have played our part in that.  But is that resulting in freak weather?  I’m not totally convinced that these floods are a result of that.  I think we’ve had floods before, when we didnt have global warming.

I’m more likely to be persuaded that fatally dangerous flooding was caused because of ill advised building in flood plains… (greed is the root cause there) I’m also concerned that inadequate provision is made for such eventualities generally, (again greed at the heart of decision making) but am I convinced that this is a result of our Co2 emissions?  Not entirely.

That’s not to say I dont believe in global warming, or as I said, our part in that.  I believe that we are bad stewards of the environment generally, and in particular if we all ate a little less meat, this would have a massive impact on the world, after all, we chop down trees to plant food for cattle, which then use lots of water, fart a lot, and then we eat them instead of the food they consumed.

They consume lots of resources, much more than an equivalent amount fo vegetable protein, which by the way is much nicer and less likely to poo on your foot.

Anyhow, just thought I’d ramble on a bit about it.

Stop eating so much meat… it  might not be causing floods, but it is helping global warming along.

This started off well…. dont know where I went wrong…


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