bike thieves

quite an entertaining youtube video found on the green guy and treehugger, which shows how people ignore bike thievery.  However, it would have been better if the guy who was doing the ‘theft’ didnt have his trouser leg tucked in his sock, cos that makes him look like a cyclist rather than a thief.  still good for a chuckle though.

Also on treehugger – someone does a week’s fasting and realises its good for them… well fancy that, if only all the major world religions had suggested that before…


One thought on “bike thieves

  1. Funny stuff. And, unfortunately, most people are not going to stop a bicycle thief. That’s just the way it is. Did the guy in the end know that he was helping a “bike thief” or did the guys producing the video tell him about their little experiment? Now, that would have been a nice story…

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