ethical fashion – oh the difficulties!

An article in the guardian/observer tells the tail of how animal tails, an ethical teeshirt company got going – sounds tough.

But to be honest, it seems to me that they had it relatively easy.  There is no mention of limited funds, which is usually an important part of the equation for small ethical labels.  These guys were at least seemingly able to absorb the hits they took on dodgy quality.

They have also decided they can sell teeshirts, which is a big ask in ethical fashion terms – everybody sells teeshirts!  They have clearly done significant makrket research though, so I’m sure they know what they are doing.

Also, they seemed happy(ish) to source from Turkey or India – wherever they could get stuff from, they weren’t tied to a particular country which many ethical labels are.

And perhaps best of all, they just got a nice bit of PR courtesy of the afore mentioned national newspaper – which wont do them any harm!

Nobody is even mentioning the whole ‘buy less stuff’ side of things, so I wont spoil the party.

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