bikers in the rain

Yeah ok, I know I’m not supposed to be in Llanelli at the moment, but I am. I had too much work to finish off before disappearing entirely, so after the Saturday evening meeting finished at the Biker’s rally – I hot footed it back to Wales, narrowly avoiding the floods which apparently were all around us…. arriving at the blissful hour of 4am on Sunday.

Anyhow, time to share a few pics of our friends at CMA, the brave ones who made it to Thirsk in the rain, and managed not to get flooded out on the first night!

sally-army-boys.gif Ray and friends, Salvationists from Chatham. Great meeting you boys!

“Oh bru…” Peter ‘eats a lot of breakfast’ Psaros and the guys from CAB, a cool biker band from South Africa… these guys are great company, and they know how to rock… which is always an advantage in life.


One of the things I like about CMA, is that its like a family, a bit like World Horizons. And in any family, there are all sorts of people, clean cut, a bit on the rough side, young, old, normal, nutty…. oh yeah – we’ve got em all 😉

gods-mod.gif And here’s God’s own mod, in full flow – admitting to his past of running away from bikers and rockers, sadly he didnt get chased off the stage.

God bless CMA, if you’re into Bikes yourself (of any sort – they even accept scooterists!!) you could do worse than get in touch with them. They run a free tea and coffee tent at lots of major bike rallys, say hello from me!

From this year they are also helping to supply our overseas workers with motorbikes, and given many of our people live in the sort of places that are best navigated by bike, then you can imagine what a great blessing this is.

A good time was had by all – despite the rain.


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