forever quest

there’s an interesting graphic novel thang going on over at Ken Raney’s website. Each week there is a new episode of the novel Forever Quest, being uploaded – for free!


Raney and his wife are a top writer/illustrator team, and the forever quest story certainly doesnt lack charm in terms of either text or illustrations.

There is something of the old school childrens book about the whole thing, with a live stuffed panda called Theodore… well you can see what I mean… right?

Well worth checking out though, I particularly like the artwork which is very british, and makes a pleasant change from much of the manga styled stuff around. This is not a graphic novel as I know them though, much more of an illustrated book – which is fine, great in fact, not really a graphic novel though.

You can read a bit of stuff about the project on this handy pdf!  fq-launch-news-release.pdf


Talking of graph novels btw, and thinking of manga, I saw the gn version of stormbreaker in a shop today, it’s a year old I know, but I havent seen it before, and it looks great, its illustrated in the manga style by two Japanese sisters, one in London, one in Tokyo… puts south Wales to Grimsby to shame…

Happy reading!


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