kind of interesting

I read on treehugger about this box which will eliminate our Co2 emissions from the exhaust pipes of our cars – so that’s a good thing isnt it!

Of course along the lines of what has been being discussed over at greenguy (et tu Kyb?) this has only limited value.  Worst case scenario: “I can keep driving, consuming fuel as much as I like, because it doesnt pollute anymore… hoorah!  Get the hummer out of the garage again!”

On the other hand, for those of us (including me) who still need to use a car from time to time, this could be a good way of cutting our footprint.

And nice to think that algae are doing something useful for once… instead of just being green scum! 🙂

7 thoughts on “kind of interesting

  1. simoncross,

    You needn’t worry about the CO2. Recent studies have shown that all the animals put together, make more CO2 than all the vehicles humans have made. Not to mention that humans control but 1 percent of the climate change. Sure, we contribute to 40% of CO2, but we control only 1% of climate change.
    I recently found out about a team who went to the Antartic themselves, and they didn’t see any problem with the atmosphere. Apparently, from what I’ve collected, the search teams who supported global warming in the first place, had this little black box they used to tweak the information until they got the results they wanted.
    Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you.

  2. If its all the same to you, I think I’ll worry a little bit about all the kinds of pollution we pump in to the atmosphere, I know CO2 isnt the be all and end all by any means, and my friend Frank will tell you (at great length) about how research into CO2 got lots of funding in the 80s, and that’s why we’re so obsessed with it… which is doubtless true.

    All the same, lets cut down on our emissions… after all, why shouldnt we?

    Thanks for sharing, please call again, and leave more comments. I’m not a climate change freak, nor do I deny it, I just think we need to be responsible.


    PS – a word to the wise, black boxes, conspiracy theories and etc, usually turn out not to be what they seem (generally they are rubbish), and there are plenty of people who can testify to climate change in the antartic, arctic, and more recently the UK, so do yoursefl a favour and dont get too tied up with all that stuff.

  3. Well we may be on the same blog page, but apart from that… you dont think we should worry about emitting CO2, I do. And it seems to me you’re a climate change denier, I am certainly not.

    CO2 aint the be all and end all, but it remains a problem, and not one we should dismiss with anecdotal evidence or scientific theory dressed up as ‘fact’.


  4. I don’t deny that the climate changes. I deny that we can make a big difference about it. I also deny that we caused a large increase in climate change.
    Other than that, I agree that we should still conserve energy, etc.

  5. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me on the subject, as long as I can support my side of the debate. For instance, that ice berg that broke off of Antartica that everyone made a big deal about? You know why they quit talking about it all of the sudden? It grew. Ironic.
    Anyway, cheers!

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