Oh my goodness, AL Quaeda supports the Emerging church!

Good gracious, there was me thinking they were busy hiding in caves and plotting Jihad, but in fact they are reading Brian McLaren and posting comments on tallskinnykiwi, in a desperate attempt to muddle us so much, we are incapable of resisting their tyranny!

And here’s me just wanting to talk about carbon footprints…

Yes, if you didnt know this, read all about it here, thanks to mr skinny kiwi for the tip off!

Now if you dont mind some muslims are keen to establish a Kaliphate in my backyard, and I want to check they are paying the workers a fair price for weaving those headscarves and veils….

In case you cant be bothered to read the article (who can blame you) here’s a highlight: “If the world is to be saved from Muslim conquest, it will be America who does it. And if America is to be saved, only conservatism can do it. And if conservatism is to be saved, it will be those Bible-believing patriots who do it–those conservative, evangelical Christians who are the bedrock of the American way of life.”

Cool huh!

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