off grid living

I’m more and more fascinated with off grid living, perhaps because I’m in no danger of doing it.

I remember visiting my Aunty when I was a youngster, she lived in a bender, which is a house made of a tree bent to the ground, with a tarpaulin roof.  It was kind of freaky and kind of fascinating at the same time.

Years later I had the opportunity to visit Mongolian nomads who live in Gers or Yurts, round felt tents, which they pack up and move with them.

I also enjoy wild camping, although I havent done much of that in the past little while.

Not far from where I live in Wales is a place called Tipi valley, where a lot of people live in alternative dwellings, be they Tipis, Yurts, cabins, caravans or whatever.

There is something very liberating about the idea of off grid living, but the reality of it can also be quite restricting, for me no broadband would be a real challenge for instance, and I dont have a wind up digital radio…

But off grid living does present a real alternative to the kind of overbuilt urban environments that dominate our society presently.   Land prices for a bit of meadow or grazing land is vastly cheaper than prices for land with planning permission for residential dwellings, and an off grid dwelling can be constructed relatively cheaply too, so this could pose a potential answer to the lack of affordable housing out there.

This kind of way of life also is a much lower level of pollution, after all if you are using less, then you are emitting less.

But of course you’re up against the bureacracy which has no desire presently to encourage this kind of living…  which is a shame.  I remember learning about how madness is socially defined, if you dont go with the norms of society, then you can be called mad… which is a great way to control people huh.

more thoughts on this later… but you might like to read this article, by the guy who edits this website.


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