Flying back tomorrow… and spooky Bourne!

we set off back to the Uk on tuesday, and arrive early wednesday morning, just in time for a quick turn around and get ready for the Grapevine festival in lincoln at the weekend.

we’ve had a great time here and in Cambodia, and maybe I’ll get round to bloging more about some of the people and things we’ve seen and learned from… maybe!

one last thing – we went to see the Bourne Ultimatum last night, which was about what you might expect it to be, except… spookily… one character is a journalist called Simon Ross, early thirties, hint of a northern British accent, think we all know who that is based on!  Paddy Considine, you better not be attempting to steal my identity!

One day, if we get the chance, ask me about the time I spent being a semi spook, of course after I’ve told you, I’ll probably have to kill you!

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