on my return…

I’d like to say a few words, well lots of words actually, but I’ll try and say them one at a time. There are many many things I’d like to write about, so I’ll begin by telling you about a subject very close to my heart…


despite my mp3 players preference of Jack Johnson, I do have somewhat wider tastes – in fact I have very broad tastes. I tend to listen to what’s sometimes described as World Music, although I read recently that the term ‘World Music’ is patronising… so we should call the same stuff – ‘global beat’… hmmm.

Anyway, one of the stops of our trip around South East Asia was an overnight in Singapore, where I am sorry to say I wasnt able to go to ANY of the WOMAD concerts that were on. I only just missed a gig by Scots band Shooglenifty who I have only heard a little, but are probably a great live band. They remind me a bit of the , who I saw years ago, and enjoyed immensley.


Shooglenifty dont have any pipes though….

So I have been listening to a fair bit of Jack on my travels, I think I have all the albums apart from the one with lullabies and stuff on, not lovin the lullabies Jack.


I’d be hard pushed to choose a favourite Jack album, I really like all of them, and I hear a lot of political comment in may of the songs which I find uplifting. Talking of that, my dad played me Norah Jones’ latest album, which I hadnt bothered with previously, I liked her first release, and found the second a bit too country gal, this one seems to have a really cool jazz vibe to it, puts me in mind of New Orleans somehow, as does her criticism of the American regime…

“God save the President, the evil fascist resident, he sure is a moron, potential h-bomb” (mine not hers, just playing the pistols riff through my head).

Listen to a couple of tracks at Norah’s website, look under the media section, and click on the record player for a list of tracks. Less well known is Norah’s half sister, Anoushka Shankhar, daughter of Ravi of course, who is an excellent musician in her own right, she plays some beautiful Sitar, some mp3 samples are available on her site… I would reccomend a listen to some of the Rise remixes for an easily accessible sitar vibe.

If you like your sitar hardcore, check this video out.

shame she’s so pug ugly of course… sure it really holds her back in the music industry.

Before we came home I had the pleasure of winessing an Andy Hunter gig, last time I saw Andy DJ he was in an outfir called Hydro, many moons ago. In a magazine review at the time, I rated Hydro’s Aborigination as one of the albums of the year. I since lost my copy, and have been reduced to downloading tracks from iTunes.

Anyway, Andy was of course excellent, he cuts an unlikely figure in some ways, he’s tall for a start, and all the musicians and personalities I’ve met (their name is legion, for they are many) have been right little squirts, the smallest was Victoria Beckham, who was still Posh Spice back then. She’s no bigger than your thumb!

Back to the point, Hunter’s gig was excellent, even if I was a bit of a cardigan clubbing grandad in comparison to the rest of the crowd, I managed to have a brief chart with him before the gig, and he tells me the new album is finished, so thats something to look forward to.

Want to hear some of his tunes? Visit his site.

I didnt buy any decent music while abroad, but I did hear some very nice bossa nova music published by the Putumayo label, a very fine label indeed.

On that note, which is a good one, I’m off to get my hair cut, I dont have far to go, just to the dining room. Those hair clippings make good compost!


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