Cotton update

thanks so much to those who have written to me recently concerning the organic cotton project, sorry if I havent written back yet, I will!

A couple of interesting updates on the cotton thing, I met a guy in Cambodia who may be able to supply me with some very special cotton seeds, he’s an incredible bloke who has been experimenting with a whole load of cool agricultural things, including odourless pigs – yeah honestly!  Pigs who live in a deep litter of rice husks, the manure gets absorbed by the husks, consequently it doesnt smell, after a few months he mucks the blighters out, and uses the manure and husk compost to grow stuff.   I’m not going to tell you how he farms fish…

I have also applied for some funding to take this project forward, if I can get the cash together I shall be heading to Cambodia again in October/November time to see if we can get some of these seeds planted.   Woo hoo.


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