I spent quite a bit of time while I was away freeloading, or trying to…

I was given a freeloader for my birthday, its great!  At least it would be if I could get it to work properly.  I can get it to charge no problem, it works either by soaking up direct sunlight (not through glass) or by taking a USB charge, but I have difficulty getting it to charge my Nokia phone, the problem is intermittent, and by jiggling the cable it will sometimes start charging.

I’ve written to the company, and asked them if they’ll look at it and replace the faulty part… we’ll see what they say.

Meanwhile my N70’s packed in too, nobody can hear me if they ring me, funnily enough I’ve had no complaints so far!

Here’s a nice little picture of the freeloader doing its magic beneath a warm Phillipino sun.



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