left of centre and down a bit

kybernetikos put me on to this one, a nifty little exercise which tells you what you know already… but puts it into a nice little graph!!

So go visit the political compass test to make your own little mark.  I note that Kyb is clearly a lib dem type, pah!  But at least he’s nearer to Ghandi than he is to Mugabe.

Here’s where I sit


Which, according to the following graph, puts me around the same area as Nelson Mandela!!  Not sure what to make of that,  but I’m sure glad its not Hitler that I’m nearest to.


On the authoritarian scale, I thought I’d be nearer Uncle Joe than I am, phew…

Nice to see the names Hitler and Thatcher in the same area though, reassuring when it comes to ones little prejudices!


Thanks for that Kyb, turned out to be a lot of fun, and btw, congrats, sorry I couldnt make the wedding, I am assured it went off well!


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