my new bible

The Phillipines, kind of a Catholic place right, so I seized the opportunity of getting hold a bible complete with Apocrypha.  I think it cost me all of about £2.50 too, very cool.

I have been pretty intrigued by the apocryphal books since reading Neil Rees’ book, which sheds a little positive light on them.  So now I am conversant with Tobit, Syrach, Judith and the rest of them, and I delight in carrying a bible that says Catholic on it, especially as I prefer to define catholic as: free from provincial prejudices or attachments…

Rather than Pope followers… although if you could guarantee me one of those bulletproof cars, I wouldnt mind running for pope next time round.  Bulletproof cars baby!!

2 thoughts on “my new bible

  1. And where does the Bible say the false prophet is coming from?

    Revelation 17 The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits.

    Guess what city is known for it’s seven mountains – ROME

    The Pope’s Title: Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church.
    Latin form Pontifex Maximus is still used in reference to the Pope when writing or speaking in that language. The title appears regularly on buildings, monuments and coins dedicated by or otherwise made during each specific pontificate. Pontifex Maximus refers to the former pagan Roman post and was established by Augustus Caesar.

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