waffle, loosely concerning emerging church in Manchester

many moons ago I lived in Manchester and Salford, in fact Kel and I got married while we were students there.  I was both a student there for three years, and also worked there as a hack for while longer – learning the craft from some serious old timers.

Anyway, I digress – one of the first people I knew there was a girl called Liz, we had both been on gap years with Oasis Trust, so we had stuff in common.  When I was a fresher Liz introduced me to people and got me in to the CU etc, she’s a great person.

So when Kel and I flew out from Manchester in July, it was an obvious opportunity to see Liz, who we get to see much too little.

And it turns out that Liz and others who I used to know are now part of a cafe church thing going on in Manchester, she told me the name, but I cant find any trace on the web.  It’s not Sanctus 1, who seem to be pretty well represented on the internet, but another outfit.  The reason I found this particularly interesting anyway, is that its indicative of how so many of us, with similar backgrounds, but quite independantly have ended up going down this same road.

There seems to be a genuine consensus from people of my generation that what we are looking for in Church is no longer to be found best represented in the traditional situations – and so we improvise, getting messy with loose structures, and non hierachical leaderships – maybe there is something in this whole generation thing after all… even though depending on whom you read I’m either a Gen X’er or a Millenial, or even a Gen Y’er, or if you listen to the Jesus Army, I’m Generation J….

Whatever anyway, its encouraging when you find people you respect have come to some of the same conclusions as you, and I respect Liz!

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